Vehicle Escrow

Have Confidence When Buying or Selling Vehicles Transaction

Transacting a car or other vehicle online involves the exchange of large sums of money between potentially unknown parties. Avoiding fraud is an imperative for both buyers and sellers. Fortunately, Payment Exchange's simple 5-step process ensures money transfer and vehicle delivery with every sale. Payment Exchange will ensure every party receives what was agreed on, every time.

  1. Buyer and Seller agree to terms - The Buyer or Seller can initiate a vehicle transaction. All parties have an opportunity to agree on the terms of the transaction including shipping fees and inspection periods
  2. Buyer pays Payment Exchange - The Buyer submits a payment by approved payment method to our secure Escrow Account. Once Payment Exchange verifies the payment, the Seller is notified that funds have been secured 'In Escrow'.
  3. Seller ships the vehicle to Buyer - Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorised to send the car via the agree shipping method. The seller submits the tracking information to Payment Exchange who verifies that the Buyer receives the vehicle.
  4. Buyer accepts the vehicle - When the buyer receives the vehicle, they have an amount of days equal to the agreed upon inspection period to inspect the vehicle. If the vehicle meets the requisite standard, the buyer informs Payment Exchange they have accepted the car.
  5. Payment Exchange pays the Seller - Payment Exchange releases funds to the Seller from the Escrow Account.

The benefits of Vehicle Escrow

Both Buyers and Sellers benefit from using Payment Exchange as a neutral third party to monitor and transact the exchange of payment and vehicle.

Peace of mind for vehicle Sellers

The Buyer sends the agreed upon payment to Payment Exchange. After verifying funds, we alert the Seller to send the vehicle to the Buyer. Protected from fraudulent checks and money order scams, the Seller has peace of mind knowing funds are behind the Payment Exchange shield.

Confidence for vehicle Buyers

As the buyer, you get the confidence that the car or vehicle is exactly what you paid for. If it isn't, ship it back to the seller and we will refund your money, straight back to your wallet.

Low fees

The low cost of our secure auto escrow service is paid by the Buyer, the Seller or shared between them.

Vehicle Amount Escrow Fee
$0-$5,000 3.25% ($10.00 minimum)
$5,000.01-$25,000 $162.50 + 0.26% of amount over $5,000
over $25,000 0.89%