Your escrow arrangements typically require specific solutions – either simple or highly-customized. Discover Payment Exchange's corporate escrow services and benefit from customization, accuracy, and efficiency with each type of transaction.

We match services and solutions to client needs. Then we go beyond and provide dynamic reporting, documentation, and daily liquidity on escrowed capital.

Experience the benefit of working with a partner located in the world's leading jurisdictions for your capital markets transactions.

Where you do business may be just as important as deciding the structure of your transaction or company. Whether issuing or restructuring debt, contemplating an M&A transaction, participating in a loan syndication, or establishing a special purpose vehicle, Payment Exchange is strategically located in the most convenient financial hubs in the world to seamlessly serve your needs.

Take advantage of our experience establishing and operating complex financial transactions and entities through our global presence and skilled professional teams.

Range of services includes:
Trustee Services
  • Security Trustee
  • Note Trustee
  • Owner Trustee
  • Data Trustee
  • Share Trustee
  • Expectancy Rights Trustee
  • Collateral Trustee
Agent Services
  • Paying Agent
  • Registrar
  • Loan Agency
  • Document Custodian
  • Escrow Agent
  • Calculation Agent
  • Verification Agent
  • Liquidation Agent
Corporate Services
  • Incorporation and Registered Office
  • Independent Director
  • Corporate Administration
  • Entity Accounting

Our extensive experience helps business entities take advantage of the benefits available in leading jurisdictions, both domestically and internationally.