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Online escrow is a five-step process. It protects the Seller by verifying funds and protects the Buyer by allowing inspection of the merchandise before funds are disbursed.
It depends upon :

The inspection period agreed upon by both parties.

The Buyer's payment method.

Delivery time from Seller to Buyer.

Seller's selected disbursement option. Generally, most escrow purchases can take from five to 20 days.

Definitely. You and your transaction are protected every step of the process, thanks to our stringent logging, tracking, and verification procedures.

Once you have created an account with Payment Exchange making a transaction with your bank account through Payment Exchange is quick and efficient. Payment Exchange accepts wire transfer from your bank as the primary method to deposit into Payment Exchange.

Are you looking to make an online payment with utmost security? Do you want verification that your money will reach the right hands? Payment Exchange has a step-by-step process that will ensure protection for both the Buyer and Seller when using a bank account for online transactions. Payment Exchange ensures that all their customers are protected equally and any disputes dealt with appropriately and fairly. There is no scope for uncertainty or worry as the entire transaction is conducted under the supervision of Payment Exchange’s honest and diligent professionals. Every step is tracked and verified and you can have complete confidence that your money will reach the right destination.

What exactly is Payment Exchange? This service is a financial arrangement with a third party regulating online payments for the two parties involved in the transaction. As one of the safest and most secure third-party purchasing services available online, Payment Exchange keeps both the buyer’s and seller’s money safe until the transaction is complete and both parties are 100% satisfied. Conducting an online escrow transaction with your bank account adds another layer of security between the buyer and seller.

Payment Exchange is the only fully licensed, bonded and audited secure online escrow company.

When you perform a transaction on Payment Exchange, all payment is held in the most secure trust Escrow Account. This protects against all fraud, chargebacks and wrongly described goods.

As a seller, your funds are held in the Escrow Account until either the buyer has received and approved the merchandise or the buyer rejects the merchandise and the return process is completed.

As a buyer, your funds will be held in the Escrow Account until you have received and approved the merchandise. If you do not receive the merchandise or it is not as described, you will be able to reject and return the merchandise and have your funds returned to your account.

Government agencies perform regular audits of independently licensed escrow companies. The audit examinations serve to protect public funds, determine safety and soundness of operations and determine compliance with escrow statutes and regulations.

Payment Exchange is also licensed in other states in accordance with our business practices.

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